Thursday, 12 March 2020


Hello everybody!!!

Now that you have to stay at home, here you are some short stories, games and crafts ideas.  Click on the pictures below and enjoy!

See you soon! 

Image result for numbers clipart

Numbers 0-10
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Numbers 10-100
Numbers 11-20

                                                     Job mixer

clean and green game

                                                                                                What is Teddy  Bear wearing?
  Clean and green  

 ABC  Zoo  short story

How about making a tic tac toe?  

Come on!  Let's be creative ! You can use different kind of materials! Once you have done, it you can have a great time playing with it! Watch this video !

Image result for how to make a tic tac toeSUNSET

Do you like drawing? Watch the following video and follow the steps to draw a terrific SHARK !! After that you can sing and dance the Baby shark song!!!!😉😉😉😉
Image result for how to draw a PUPPET shark result for baby shark remix trap

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