Tuesday, 17 March 2020


Today we are going to share  some facts about  Leprechauns! But....Who are  Leprechauns?  A Leprechaun is an irish legend. It is a fairy that looks like a little old man. 

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The story says that Leprechauns are magical and really hard to catch. But if you do catch one, they give you 3 wishes!
Today  is a special holiday for irish people, it's Saint Patrick`s Day..Everybody wears GREEN ! Green is the symbol of springtime.

 Watch this song about a little Leprechaun!

Shamrock is the symbol of Ireland.Image result for shamrocks

 Shamrocks only have 3 leaves. Do you want to find some shamrocks? Click on the picture and go for it!

Let's see if you can find these words in the following wordsearh! 


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