Wednesday 13 May 2020

Magic tricks

Illustration of a Kid Girl Wearing Magician Hat and Holding a ...Hi friends!!

Do you like magic? Today we are going to become MAGICIANS!!!

We are going to show you  some easy magic tricks you can do with your family and friends! 

Click on the pictures and watch the videos closely.

 Disappearing Coin 

Materials you need:

- A coin

How to Do the Coin through Table Trick | Coin & Card Magic - YouTube

Rubber Pencil

Materials you need:

- A pencil

How To Do The Rubber Pencil Trick! by B W - Musely

Spoon Bending 

Materials you need:

- A spoon


Thursday 23 April 2020

  Hello everybody!   Let's play some games!

 Have fun!

 Listen to the numbers and move the monster.

Monster Numbers -

Guess the letters to find the hidden word.

Hangman English | Learn english, English for students, Learning ...

Listen to the words and click on the images.

english grammar clipart Vocabulary English Language Grammar ...

Listen and move the weather images

Ilustraciones, imágenes y vectores de stock sobre Weather Clipart ...

What are they wearing? Read the sentences and move the clothes.

ESL Clothing Vocabulary: Word List & Games |

Move the objects to match the prepositions.

Preposition and postposition Clause English Grammatical particle ...

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Hello super team!!

How are you? We hope you are doing well!! 
Today we have started a new month! Yes, we are in APRIL!!

Do you remember the months of the year song? Let's sing it once again!

Here is another song to practice the months!

When is your BIRTHDAY?

Let's play some months games! Click on the pictures and start playing.

Learn Months of the Year Video - Turtle Diary

Free Printable Months of the Year Flashcards

Thursday 26 March 2020


Hi there!

Today we are going to make delicious PANCAKES   mmmm....!!!!!!😋😋

pancakes bilaketarekin bat datozen irudiak

We are going to share a really easy recipe to make pancakes. 
These are the ingredients you need:

- 1 egg
- Flour
- Baking powder
- Milk
- Sugar
- Butter
- Strawberries
- Bananas

Now let's watch the video to see how to mix all the ingredients!  

Enjoy eating them !

Tuesday 24 March 2020


Hello everybody !!!!

We are already in SPRING!!!!! 
Let's celebrate it in our homes singing and dancing this song!

..... and here you are a beautiful short story about  SPRING. See what happens to the animals in the forest !

Wednesday 18 March 2020


Hello  darlings!

Do you want to make a little craft? Let's make  paper boats and see how they float on water!
You can fold as many boats as you want and  have a paper boat family race!!! 
Image result for paper boats on water in the sink the instructions  watching the video. 

You can also sing "Row, row, row, your boat " as you do it!!